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name:float glass
4200×3300 4200×3048
3300×3300 3300×3048
3300×2440 3300×2134
3048×2440 3048×2134
2200×1650 2000×1500

  Aoge Glass , with perfect quality , is greatly welcomed by lots of customers dealing with deep-processing industries. Flat glass is deeply processed as tempered glass, hollow glass, laminated glass, hot-bending glass and widely used for making mirror , automotive industry ,building decoration and fitting up etc.

name: PVC plastic profile for doors and windows
The main profiles include series of 58 and 60 for doors and windows of flat open and pushing-pulling series of 62,80(A.B.C),85,88 (A.B) And 98 for doors and windows of different forms.

name: hollow glass microsphere
specification A B C
size range μm 10-250 10-100 10-250
bulk density g/cm3 0.14-1.16 0.18-0.20 0.08-0.10
breaking strength MPa 2-4 3-5 1.5-3.5
rate of floatage % 93 93 93
moisture content % 0.5 0.5 0.5
PH 7-9 7-9 7-9

   The hollow glass microsphere which is made of borosilicate, is hollow sphere which grain size is 10-250 micron , wall–thickness 1-2 micron. It has many merits such as light, low heat conductivity, higher mechanical strength and excellent chemical stability . Its surface was treated by the special way and the products are dispersed very easily in organic materials such as resin.

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